Rachel Green Style

When the friends first met Rachel Green, she was young, naive and spoiled. That fateful day, she had just narrowly escaped from marrying Barry Farber. Rachel’s explanation for why she didn’t marry Barry was, “Because I was more turned on by a gravy boat.” Monica ended up taking Rachel under her wing after her rich father cut her off. Rachel was forced to cut up all of her credit cards. Rachel tried to find a job but was laughed at at every single interview she attended. Clearly not fazed, Rachel found a job at Central Perk, where all the friends hung out. She would have this job for another couple of years.

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Fenerbahçe, Teknoloji, Müzik ve Dizi üzerine yazmayı severim. Her fotoğrafı değil, anlamı olanları seçip, sizlerle paylaşırım. Siyaset üzerine pek yazmıyorum, sonra alınıyor zeka küpürleri. Korsan Basınım... Haydi bakalım