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“Today UEFA has made the following statement with regards to the exclusion of Fenerbahce SK from UEFA Champions League: “The UEFA Emergency Panel‚ composed of the UEFA President and four members of the UEFA Executive Committee‚ met today following the decision of the Turkish Football Federation to withdraw Fenerbahçe SK from the 2011/12 UEFA Champions League due to the fact that the club has been involved in match-fixing”.

This statement is in utter violation of universal legal norms and particularly that of the “presumption of innocence‚” given the fact that match-fixing investigations in Turkey are still on-going and Fenerbahce SK and a number of club officials have still not been given the opportunity to defend themselves before the court. Therefore by suggesting that Fenerbahce has been officially CONVICTED of match-fixing is an act that defies all legal norms that uphold basic human rights and justice.

Furthermore‚ UEFA has taken an inexplicably erroneous and hypocritical decision by replacing Fenerbahce SK with Trabzonspor‚ which team is also figuring in the on-going match-fixing investigations. What is more‚ the president of Trabzonspor is currently restricted from travelling overseas in relation with the match-fixing investigations. Under what circumstances does Trabzonspor fare better than Fenerbahce in conforming with UEFA´s “zero tolerance” policy?

Although there may be many more questions in order‚ the bottomline is that the UEFA has decided to pursue an openly non-legal strategy by pressuring the TFF to exclude Fenerbahce SK from European competitions‚ and this will be challenged on every possible front in order to hold UEFA responsible for the damages that will be accrued by Fenerbahce SK. UEFA´s letter pressuring the TFF to take rash decisions will serve as sufficient evidence for its role in bending the basic legal principles‚ not to mention its hypocritical attitude towards Fenerbahce SK‚ which is put on bold relief when we remember that Porto‚ Milan‚ and Olympiakos have all been cleared to play in European competitions even after they had been handed penalties in relation to match-fixing by domestic courts.”

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